Are floor-to-ceiling windows the right alternative for your residential or commercial property?

Flooring to ceiling windows include impact to any homeFloor to ceiling windows add impact to any house

Think it or not, there are trends worldwide of windows. Just as fashionistas will keep their eyes peeled for the next huge thing to hit the catwalk, those who deal with glass know that some window designs are more popular than others.

If you have been focusing on the window industry as of late, you might have noticed that floor-to-ceiling windows are having a little bit of a minute in more recent builds. If you like the appearance of them however aren’t sure if they’re right for your home, here’s what you should think about.


Natural light increases serotonin levels, helping you end up being a better, much healthier and all round more productive and determined human– floor-to-ceiling windows permit more of that natural light to enter your house, implying that those serotonin levels will get a welcome spike. If you work from house then this could be especially helpful in helping to avoid that pesky 3pm downturn that we make certain you’re familiar with.

Small space

If you’re seeking to make a space look larger then there are few much better methods to do so than by including as much glass as you can in your residential or commercial property. Floor-to-ceiling windows will instantly open up a space that might otherwise feel confined. Not only is this great for you however it will be something that will appeal to potential purchasers if you aim to offer your property in the future.


Floor-to-ceiling windows are particularly popular in cooking areas as they offer a blurring of the lines in between indoors and outdoors. If you love spending time in your garden and wish to have the ability to make the most of its visual appeal all year round, then setting up floor-to-ceiling windows is a fantastic method to do so. Even when it’s sprinkling outside, the windows will allow you to enjoy your lush green garden.

Business residential or commercial property

Floor-to-ceiling windows are a particularly popular alternative for business buildings, such as offices, as there are many well-documented advantages to working in a naturally lit workspace. If you’ve got a spectacular office view, then floor-to-ceiling windows will show this off, impressing potential clients from the minute they walk in.


We appreciate that, if your property does not take advantage of a back garden or if your neighbours are in close proximity to you, then a wall of glass might not be your cup of tea. You can still flood your house with light utilising other methods– why not think about a roofing system lantern rather?

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