Can frosted glass increase your home’s privacy

Can frosted glass increase your home’s privacy?Frosted glass is a feature of the home that we typically connect with the bathroom, as it is frequently used to obscure the bathroom windows to stop individuals from being able to see in. However, as more and more properties are being integrated in close distance to others (in London, for example, you may live in a flat that is overlooked by a home block), or with windows at street level (e.g. ground-floor flats), many house owners are relying on frosted glass as a way of improving their personal privacy within their houses. Here are just a few of the ways you can utilise frosted glass to make your house more private, without compromising on design.

Combine standard and frosted glass

Typically, you do not require a whole pane of frosted glass to enhance the privacy of your area. If your bed room, living space or office is on the ground floor, and is in plain view of a public street, then merely having a strip of frosted glass along the bottom half of your windows can make the room considerably more personal– meaning people can not see you if you are laying on the bed, sitting on the sofa or working at your desk. For sash windows, a similar effect can be achieved by having the bottom panes made from frosted glass, and the leading panes made from basic clear glass. Doing this implies that you can still take advantage of having the ability to see out of the top parts of the windows and allow lots of light.

The great thing about frosted glass is that it does not require you to replace your windows (unless you wish to). While built-in frosted glass is certainly a gorgeous and premium alternative, stick-on icing film is also available. This is ideal for homeowners who need a fast personal privacy service– perhaps due to the fact that a brand-new residential or commercial property has just been constructed looking out over your house. Frosted glass film is easy to use and can be found in a vast array of colours, patterns, styles and clarity levels, which can be tailored to your private requirements.

Make it as simple or fancy as you like

In addition to increasing your home’s privacy, frosted glass can act as an attractive design feature. If you have sash windows, for example, you might have patterned frosted glass on the bottom panes and clear glass on the top panes, developing a sort of translucent blind. For a truly ornamental alternative, your frosted glass movie could have patterns, shapes or images cut out of it. By having these cut-out sections at head height, you can likewise continue to enjoy the outdoor views, while getting the personal privacy you require.

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