French Doors or Patio Doors?

If you’re thinking about expanding an existing door method, or changing your rotten patio doors, a new set of uPVC doors will make a staggering difference to the look of your house. In many cases, modern-day doors likewise improve energy performance and help to make your house cosier and warmer.

There’s still one decision to make: should you go for French doors, or patio area doors? If you’re unsure what the distinction is, continue reading for more information of both.

Door Design

French Doors open on both sides and supply a large access point to the home. They can open inwards or outwards, depending on your own choice and the method your garden or outdoor patio is set out.

With a patio door, one pane slides behind the other, which provides you a smaller sized opening. This does not necessarily imply they are less versatile.

The double door arrangement of French doors can offer generous access– convenient if you have a pushchair or a wheelchair to get in and out. In addition, moving furniture in and out of a house is much easier when you have a wider access point– moving doors don’t use this convenience.

The beauty of patio doors is that they are more or less wind resistant– they will not blow shut in a storm, which can be safer for little ones. You can unlock somewhat to ventilate a room without fretting about the doors walking around.

This also implies kids will not trap their fingers in the hinge.

French doors look fantastic in period houses where you want to keep a conventional and conservative appearance. You can opt for a variety of different surfaces, including wood grain results, to match the existing windows or produce a feature.

On the other hand, moving patio doors provide clean, streamlined lines with slim frames and little deals with. This can lower mess and make the doors look more modern.


All modern-day doors are manufactured to current Building Regulations and offer exceptional security and multi-point locks as requirement. There’s little distinction in between the doors in this regard.

You can go with double or triple glazing to improve defense, or choose laminated glass to minimize the danger that the doors will smash if hit with an item.

As constantly, a contemporary door will always be more safe and secure than an old door that is starting to reveal its age.

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