How Does Double Glazing Work?

All modern houses now have double glazing, and older homes are slowly being brought up to date. The technology in double glazing uses better security and convenience when compared to single-pane glazing. However how does it work?

Double and triple glazing provide a multi-faceted defence versus cold weather, and understanding how it works can help you to select the best item. While all double glazing provides some energy efficiency, more pricey items can use a better defence.

The Air Gap

In double glazing, two panes of glass are installed in a sealed system. The gap between the panes is type in developing a thermal barrier. Air does not carry out heat effectively, so the trapped layer of air secures the house from heat loss. By putting the glass panes really close together, there’s less possibility that the air will move, which can even more improve the energy efficiency.

In lots of windows, the air between the panes is eliminated and replaced with a safe, inert gas. Gases like argon, xenon and krypton are even poorer conductors of heat than the air we breathe, which offers the window extra insulating properties.

This style also reduces sound transfer from the outside world, but the quality of the seal is crucial to make sure the gas and window panes work as they should.

The Glass

The panes of glass in a window likewise play a role in preventing heat transfer. A low-e finish can assist to stop heat being moved to the external window pane.

Coatings like this are generally entirely transparent, but you can also go with glass with a blue or bronze tint. These tinted windows are used to manage the amount of sunlight coming into the house, so they can keep locations like conservatories at a cooler temperature.

Other Factors

There are different other style features that change the method your windows work, and this is why the ideal provider is vital.

Spacer bars are the bars that separate the two panes of glass within a sealed unit. You can go with warm edge spacer bars, which stop heat from being transferred through the spacer bar and to the opposing pane of glass. Ask your provider whether warm edge spacers would be helpful.

While you can likewise include another pane to each window to produce triple glazed windows, you will not always double the energy efficiency performance, although there will be some improvement. A very high specification double glazed window may exceed a fundamental triple glazed window.

The window frames and fitting likewise affect the method a window works. Poor fitting of the frame can present draughts, sound problems and damp. In addition, the material used for the frame will have an impact.

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