How to Secure Your Doors

When someone burglarise your home, they will come through a door or a window. When you are trying to secure your doors, the very best thing to do is to acquire a door that is ‘Secured by Design’ authorised. However, if your budget plan won’t permit you to purchase a brand-new door, or if you currently have a good quality door, these ideas will assist make it as safe as possible.

We’ve all seen action films where someone begins a door with one strong kick. Regrettably, if you have a regular door, this isn’t too far from truth. Fortunately is you can strengthen the weak points of your door to make it more protected.

You will want to invest in a high quality deadbolt. These aren’t that expensive, and they are no problem to set up. Next you will want to have a look at the strike plate for the deadbolt. A weak strike plate will enable the deadbolt to pop out when force is used. The stronger and much deeper the strike plate, the more safe your door will be. When looking for a strike plate, get a box design with a full metal enclosure and long screws.

Next you will want to look at the door jamb. Many door jambs will not hold up to too much force. A chain is just as strong as its weakest link. Even if the deadbolt and the strike plate hold, if the door jamb breaks they can still get inside. You can buy a reinforcing set for your door jamb that includes a layer of steel to it. This makes it a lot more tough to break the door jamb.

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