Quick & Easy Ways To Go Green

We have actually assembled some easy actions you can make towards a greener future.

Make your home more efficient:

  • Use LED bulbs throughout your house. You will use less electrical energy and your bulbs will need to be replaced less regularly than regular lighting.
  • Set up photovoltaic panels and battery storage.
  • Upgrade older windows with energy effective glazing.
  • Disconnect your home appliances and gadgets when not in use to prevent unneeded energy loss.
  • Add insulation to your home. This will permit you to utilise your heating less and keep your home warmer, for longer.

Make a difference in the kitchen:

Meal Plan. 

  • Lower waste by thoroughly planning your meals for the week ahead. Strategy your meals around what products require to be taken in first.
  • Use the whole vegetable. The ends and Peels that you would normally bin, can be utilised to develop tasty stock that can be utilised for other meals.
  • Garden compost. Any leftover food you do have, compost it. This is an excellent way to minimise methane emissions from landfills and to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Store food in glass containers rather than plastic.
  • Usage brown paper bags or beeswax wraps for food on the go.

Avoid single-use plastic:

  • Set up a filter at home to avoid or reduce purchasing bottled water.
  • Utilise your own bags when doing the grocery shopping.
  • Utilise a recyclable bamboo coffee cup when on the go, some coffee shops will even use a discount rate when you utilise your own cup.
  • Invest in reusable steel straws and bid farewell to plastic ones. In Ireland, plastic straws will be banned by 2021 together with plastic cutlery, plates, balloon sticks and cotton buds.

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