5 Easy Tips to Extend the Life of Your Windows

Your windows are a huge investment. That’s why it’s essential to utilise these 5 simple tips to extend the life of your windows.

Cleaning Window Panes

You will want to clean your window panes and exterior frame and sash about two times a year. You can use mild soapy water and include a washing representative to prevent calcium discolourations. Make sure to clean all surfaces including crevices and corners. Make certain to eliminate any cobwebs due to the fact that these can block the water drainage and natural ventilation.

Maintenance of Exterior Timber

You’ll need to examine your timber windows on a regular basis to look for any fractures in the outside covering. It’s a good concept to repaint the windows once a year. You must clean the windows prior to painting, and be sure they are entirely dry. When repainting, you’ll wish to wait till the dew has actually dried. You’ll also want to leave time for the paint to dry prior to the night dew falls.

Care of External Aluminum

Aluminium needs little maintenance. You’ll need to wash them in the way explained above. Aluminium is very resilient, however in case you notice a little scratch, you can remove it with polishing compound.

Interior Timber

Interior wood just needs cleansing regularly. If it is exposed to grease and smoke, it will require more regular cleaning than those in other areas of the house. Tidy it with a fabric and mild detergent.

Weather Strips

Weather strips can be cleaned up when you clean the rest of your windows a couple of times a year. Other than that, you can utilise some silicone care item to ensure that it stays soft.

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