The difference that double and triple glazing can make to your home

Originally created to lower heat loss in homes and buildings, there are a wide variety of benefits associated with double or triple glazing, these include:

Energy Efficiency

If you want to keep your home cosy throughout the cold winter season and avoid paying higher than typical heating costs, double or triple glazing is a practical choice. The glass panes trap the air inside the window which serves as an insulator. It is estimated that heat loss is minimised by 54 to 64 percent with double or triple glazing. Glazing works the same way throughout summer season, it keeps your home cooler by restricting the heat transfer from the outside making your home cooler.

Sound Reduction

Single glazed windows don’t absorb noise; it travels straight through the glass and into your house. If you live near a main road, or in a busy location anticipate to hear every last knock and topple with one window pane. Double or triple glazing supplies noise insulation by minimising the energy levels produced by acoustic waves. This means you and your kids will sleep better, it will reduce your stress levels, and boost your capability to concentrate.

Minimized Condensation

Condensation can trigger problems such as mould, mildew; it decays window panes, damages lumber and most notably, causes illness such as bronchitis, allergic reactions and a host of other respiratory infections. Double and triple glazing reduces excess wetness on your window panes.

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