What could extend my Kitchen fitting time?

Certain modifications will inevitably increase the length of time needed to fit your kitchen area, so you need to bear these in mind from the beginning if time is a top priority.

Moving Appliances
If all your electrical outlets are staying in the very same location, you will not require much work done beyond a basic check and rewire of the existing outlets. But if you need to move home appliances around an electrical contractor will have to alter your whole electrical system, which will take more time and money.

Solid worktops
As mentioned, if you select solid worktops these will need to be templated for cutting on website, which will imply you’re waiting longer after your systems are suitable for your worktops to be all set.

Heavy worktops
If you choose a heavy material like granite, you’ll also have to ensure the units can bear their weight over time. You’ll likely require a professional installer to assess what is needed and install the extra assistance.

Unusual fittings
Straight worktops are straightforward to install, but you may experience additional problems if the worktop has to run around the sink and hob, or has an unusual function like curves or corners. This might be inescapable, but you will require to factor it into the fitting time.

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