How to design a L-shaped kitchen area

There are loads of fantastic factors to pick an L-shaped design for your new kitchen; it’s extremely functional, simple to preserve and practical to operate in, to call just a few.

Whilst functionality is essential, you require to fall in love with your L-shaped kitchen area – and these inspiring style concepts will show you just how simple that it is to do.

The L-shape is popular due to its versatility; it can be flawlessly integrated into practically any shapes and size of cooking area layout for closed or open strategy living.

This layout maximises wall and flooring area, providing substantial storage opportunities while keeping your sense of room to move around.

This makes the L-shaped design best for small cooking areas or homes with limited area such as studio apartments.

How to lay out your L-shaped cooking area
The most common way to approach a cooking area design is to consider the golden triangle’ positioning of your refrigerator, cooker and sink in a 3-point development within simple distance of each other.

In an L-shaped kitchen area, unless you have space for an island, you’ll require to flatten one side of this triangle, but it’s still simple to produce a convenient design of your crucial home appliances with 2 on the exact same counter.

Merely area them out a little, so each still has its own space.

If one leg of the L is longer than the other, utilize the longer side to maximise your worktop counter area and location bigger home appliances like a refrigerator or waist-height oven on the much shorter side.

Palette for your L-shaped cooking area
The open nature of an L-shaped cooking area implies that in a lot of instances, you won’t have to fret excessive about using colour to create the illusion of light or area.

Nevertheless, this suggests the possibilities are almost limitless, so here are some of our preferred concepts to make your cooking area pop.

Black works truly well for an L-shaped kitchen area layout. It’s simple to maintain and is right on trend at the moment, with its sleek look frequently appearing like it cost more than it really did.

Consider mixing with white (those old movies had it find on!) and perhaps dashing in another vibrant colour, to really bring the aesthetic together.

You can likewise use your palette to highlight the cabinet levels with blocks of colour up high and down low.

Consider a strong colour on your bottom cabinets, like this deep blue, with white on the top, to keep the overall feel light and airy.

A twist on this design is to use the same strong colour for both your top and bottom cabinets and highlight the worktop level with a patterned wall behind your worktop.

Navy blue counters against a basic white hex tile with gold grouting is bang on pattern, or you could introduce a flower patterned wallpaper for a more feminine feel.

While you don’t need it, a white kitchen area can still actually shine in an L-shaped layout. In this example, the tidy minimalism of the white is given a somewhat beachy look by the adding of a little weathered wood accessories and assists the rack products fade into the background when they might feel messy in a more colourful room.

White blended with one brilliant colour is likewise an effective method; try splashes of hot pink, canary yellow or emerald green.

In an open strategy L-shaped cooking area, you can use colour on your cabinets to create a defined kitchen location.

These wooden cabinets provide a great contrast to the white worktops, producing a border around the worktop area and including an attractive cutout result to the white counters.

This might likewise be achieved by including dark coloured cabinets on the external layer instead of wood.

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What could extend my Kitchen fitting time?

Certain modifications will inevitably increase the length of time needed to fit your kitchen area, so you need to bear these in mind from the beginning if time is a top priority.

Moving Appliances
If all your electrical outlets are staying in the very same location, you will not require much work done beyond a basic check and rewire of the existing outlets. But if you need to move home appliances around an electrical contractor will have to alter your whole electrical system, which will take more time and money.

Solid worktops
As mentioned, if you select solid worktops these will need to be templated for cutting on website, which will imply you’re waiting longer after your systems are suitable for your worktops to be all set.

Heavy worktops
If you choose a heavy material like granite, you’ll also have to ensure the units can bear their weight over time. You’ll likely require a professional installer to assess what is needed and install the extra assistance.

Unusual fittings
Straight worktops are straightforward to install, but you may experience additional problems if the worktop has to run around the sink and hob, or has an unusual function like curves or corners. This might be inescapable, but you will require to factor it into the fitting time.

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The top 5 advantages of patio doors

Are you aiming to buy some outdoor patio doors however can’t decide? Patio doors are an excellent way of enhancing the look of your house, but what are our top 5 benefits of having patio doors installed in your house? If you are interested in receiving a quote then why not try to find your regional door fitter?


Setting up outdoor patio doors boosts the total appearance of your house. The natural light shines onto pieces of furniture creating a lively and peaceful atmosphere. The doors permit great views of the garden and can actually enhance the total house style.

Energy effective

Not only do patio doors provide severe beauty, they are likewise a very energy effective product. They allow for natural light to be contributed to your home causing less require for a/c or heating systems to be used.

Decrease energy expenses

With more natural light being added to your rooms, it triggers the requirement for cooling and heating to reduce. This can see a huge reduction in general energy costs and you can start to invest that money on more vital aspects of life.

Increased safety

Most Patio doors feature a Yale ModLok locking systems which allow for extreme security and reliability in your house. Patio doors are elegant and safe and secure, offering low profile thresholds to cater for the needs of today’s property owners.

Adds value to your house.

A well-structured and perfect design can make your home more attractive to potential purchasers which is why discovering the right local door fitter is necessary to the success of your patio doors.

Patio doors are a great method of bringing the outside in, they enable your living space to extend into the garden and you truly can make the look of your house something to be happy with.

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Kitchen Appliances

When it concerns picking your kitchen appliances, you will discover that there are two primary schools of design: integrated and freestanding.

Numerous modern-day kitchen areas include streamlined, flush-fitting integrated ovens and hobs, in addition to dishwashers, refrigerators, and even freezers and cleaning devices.

Integrated units look wonderful and tend to be geared up to a really high requirements.

The one downside of integrated systems is that they usually bring a little price premium over the freestanding equivalents.

If you have freestanding devices left over from your old kitchen area that you feel are still functional and in good order, e.g. a freestanding cooker or a freestanding dishwasher, washing machine or fridge-freezer, you might want to keep these for your new cooking area in order to save money on cost.

You may additionally merely have an aesthetic choice for freestanding home appliances, in which case there are lots of brand new ones to pick from.

Perhaps for instance you are a fan of free-standing range cookers such as AGA ranges, for the supreme in old-fashioned rustic design luxury and multi-oven-cooking convenience?

Kitchen Splash backs or Wall Tiles
There is a location of vertical area between kitchen worktops and the wall systems above that typically looks and keeps best with an extra covering over the top of the paint.

The conventional service for this space is tiling, and this is still an option lots of choose.

If tiling is for you, you can choose from square tiles and brick-shaped ‘city’ tiles in all the colours of the rainbow.

However in 21st century cooking area design, there is a stylish and vibrant alternative: the splashback, which is a made-to-measure fitted layer of toughened glass on your walls.

Splash backs can be coloured however you like, so they are an excellent opportunity to balance out pale or white kitchen cupboards with a warm and vibrant declaration of your personality.

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The difference that double and triple glazing can make to your home

Originally created to lower heat loss in homes and buildings, there are a wide variety of benefits associated with double or triple glazing, these include:

Energy Efficiency

If you want to keep your home cosy throughout the cold winter season and avoid paying higher than typical heating costs, double or triple glazing is a practical choice. The glass panes trap the air inside the window which serves as an insulator. It is estimated that heat loss is minimised by 54 to 64 percent with double or triple glazing. Glazing works the same way throughout summer season, it keeps your home cooler by restricting the heat transfer from the outside making your home cooler.

Sound Reduction

Single glazed windows don’t absorb noise; it travels straight through the glass and into your house. If you live near a main road, or in a busy location anticipate to hear every last knock and topple with one window pane. Double or triple glazing supplies noise insulation by minimising the energy levels produced by acoustic waves. This means you and your kids will sleep better, it will reduce your stress levels, and boost your capability to concentrate.

Minimized Condensation

Condensation can trigger problems such as mould, mildew; it decays window panes, damages lumber and most notably, causes illness such as bronchitis, allergic reactions and a host of other respiratory infections. Double and triple glazing reduces excess wetness on your window panes.

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5 Easy Tips to Extend the Life of Your Windows

Your windows are a huge investment. That’s why it’s essential to utilise these 5 simple tips to extend the life of your windows.

Cleaning Window Panes

You will want to clean your window panes and exterior frame and sash about two times a year. You can use mild soapy water and include a washing representative to prevent calcium discolourations. Make sure to clean all surfaces including crevices and corners. Make certain to eliminate any cobwebs due to the fact that these can block the water drainage and natural ventilation.

Maintenance of Exterior Timber

You’ll need to examine your timber windows on a regular basis to look for any fractures in the outside covering. It’s a good concept to repaint the windows once a year. You must clean the windows prior to painting, and be sure they are entirely dry. When repainting, you’ll wish to wait till the dew has actually dried. You’ll also want to leave time for the paint to dry prior to the night dew falls.

Care of External Aluminum

Aluminium needs little maintenance. You’ll need to wash them in the way explained above. Aluminium is very resilient, however in case you notice a little scratch, you can remove it with polishing compound.

Interior Timber

Interior wood just needs cleansing regularly. If it is exposed to grease and smoke, it will require more regular cleaning than those in other areas of the house. Tidy it with a fabric and mild detergent.

Weather Strips

Weather strips can be cleaned up when you clean the rest of your windows a couple of times a year. Other than that, you can utilise some silicone care item to ensure that it stays soft.

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Correct Maintenance of Exterior Timber Windows

Regular maintenance is important to extend the life of your exterior wood windows. You must clean your windows and frames a couple of times a year with soapy water. You ought to also open the windows to allow air to circulate, and to clean up all areas of your windows. Make certain to remove cobwebs and any other particles that may be obstructing your water drainage and ventilation vents.

Maintenance on timber windows is necessary to their longevity, however it does not need to be a trouble. You will require to examine them thoroughly when you tidy your windows. The southern and western sides and other locations that receive great deals of sunshine must be paid unique attention to, because the rays from the sun are tough on woodwork. If your home does not have eaves to protect the windows, they may need a bit more care.

If you see any scratches or cracks in your paint, it’s time to repair it before it harms your windows. Painting your panes will cover and seal any scratches before they have time to harm your windows. Reviewing your exterior panes once a year is an excellent way to make sure that they remain in good condition, and it keeps them looking fantastic as well.

It’s excellent to paint in the middle of the day. You will wish to wait till the morning dew has dried, and provide the paint time to dry prior to the evening dew falls. You can use any oil or water based paint, but the paint from the factory is water based gloss 20.

Cleaning and examining your windows a couple of times a year and a new coat of paint once a year will extend the looks and life of your windows.

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Care of Exterior Aluminium Windows

Exterior aluminium windows greatly reduce the amount of maintenance that your windows will need. They still require maintenance a couple of times a year. Here’s what you need to know to take care of your outside aluminium windows.

The exterior aluminium windows will require to be washed a few times a year. Start by cleaning up the tracks of your windows. To clean up the tracks of your windows, integrate one part baking soda, one part vinegar, and four parts water in a tidy spray bottle. Spray this in the tracks of your windows. You can then transfer to cleaning up the frame.

You can wash the aluminium with a soapy water and a soft cloth. Provide a great rinse, and after that use a dry fabric to dry them. For dirtier windows, you can blend a paste of lemon juice and baking soda. Let this sit for a number of minutes, and then rinse the windows with a moist rag. Dry them with a dry fabric after you wash them.

After you’ve removed all of the dirt from your windows, you will require to examine them for scratches or other damage. If there are little scratches on your aluminium, you can rub them out with a polishing substance designed for use on aluminium.

Aluminium is 3 times more powerful than vinyl, making it a fantastic choice for your windows. Aluminium is extremely long lasting, and it is resistant to scratches, dents and breaking. This enables the windows to last a very long time with extremely little maintenance.

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How to Secure Your Doors

When someone burglarise your home, they will come through a door or a window. When you are trying to secure your doors, the very best thing to do is to acquire a door that is ‘Secured by Design’ authorised. However, if your budget plan won’t permit you to purchase a brand-new door, or if you currently have a good quality door, these ideas will assist make it as safe as possible.

We’ve all seen action films where someone begins a door with one strong kick. Regrettably, if you have a regular door, this isn’t too far from truth. Fortunately is you can strengthen the weak points of your door to make it more protected.

You will want to invest in a high quality deadbolt. These aren’t that expensive, and they are no problem to set up. Next you will want to have a look at the strike plate for the deadbolt. A weak strike plate will enable the deadbolt to pop out when force is used. The stronger and much deeper the strike plate, the more safe your door will be. When looking for a strike plate, get a box design with a full metal enclosure and long screws.

Next you will want to look at the door jamb. Many door jambs will not hold up to too much force. A chain is just as strong as its weakest link. Even if the deadbolt and the strike plate hold, if the door jamb breaks they can still get inside. You can buy a reinforcing set for your door jamb that includes a layer of steel to it. This makes it a lot more tough to break the door jamb.

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Quick & Easy Ways To Go Green

We have actually assembled some easy actions you can make towards a greener future.

Make your home more efficient:

  • Use LED bulbs throughout your house. You will use less electrical energy and your bulbs will need to be replaced less regularly than regular lighting.
  • Set up photovoltaic panels and battery storage.
  • Upgrade older windows with energy effective glazing.
  • Disconnect your home appliances and gadgets when not in use to prevent unneeded energy loss.
  • Add insulation to your home. This will permit you to utilise your heating less and keep your home warmer, for longer.

Make a difference in the kitchen:

Meal Plan. 

  • Lower waste by thoroughly planning your meals for the week ahead. Strategy your meals around what products require to be taken in first.
  • Use the whole vegetable. The ends and Peels that you would normally bin, can be utilised to develop tasty stock that can be utilised for other meals.
  • Garden compost. Any leftover food you do have, compost it. This is an excellent way to minimise methane emissions from landfills and to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Store food in glass containers rather than plastic.
  • Usage brown paper bags or beeswax wraps for food on the go.

Avoid single-use plastic:

  • Set up a filter at home to avoid or reduce purchasing bottled water.
  • Utilise your own bags when doing the grocery shopping.
  • Utilise a recyclable bamboo coffee cup when on the go, some coffee shops will even use a discount rate when you utilise your own cup.
  • Invest in reusable steel straws and bid farewell to plastic ones. In Ireland, plastic straws will be banned by 2021 together with plastic cutlery, plates, balloon sticks and cotton buds.

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