Are floor-to-ceiling windows the right alternative for your residential or commercial property?

Flooring to ceiling windows include impact to any homeFloor to ceiling windows add impact to any house

Think it or not, there are trends worldwide of windows. Just as fashionistas will keep their eyes peeled for the next huge thing to hit the catwalk, those who deal with glass know that some window designs are more popular than others.

If you have been focusing on the window industry as of late, you might have noticed that floor-to-ceiling windows are having a little bit of a minute in more recent builds. If you like the appearance of them however aren’t sure if they’re right for your home, here’s what you should think about.


Natural light increases serotonin levels, helping you end up being a better, much healthier and all round more productive and determined human– floor-to-ceiling windows permit more of that natural light to enter your house, implying that those serotonin levels will get a welcome spike. If you work from house then this could be especially helpful in helping to avoid that pesky 3pm downturn that we make certain you’re familiar with.

Small space

If you’re seeking to make a space look larger then there are few much better methods to do so than by including as much glass as you can in your residential or commercial property. Floor-to-ceiling windows will instantly open up a space that might otherwise feel confined. Not only is this great for you however it will be something that will appeal to potential purchasers if you aim to offer your property in the future.


Floor-to-ceiling windows are particularly popular in cooking areas as they offer a blurring of the lines in between indoors and outdoors. If you love spending time in your garden and wish to have the ability to make the most of its visual appeal all year round, then setting up floor-to-ceiling windows is a fantastic method to do so. Even when it’s sprinkling outside, the windows will allow you to enjoy your lush green garden.

Business residential or commercial property

Floor-to-ceiling windows are a particularly popular alternative for business buildings, such as offices, as there are many well-documented advantages to working in a naturally lit workspace. If you’ve got a spectacular office view, then floor-to-ceiling windows will show this off, impressing potential clients from the minute they walk in.


We appreciate that, if your property does not take advantage of a back garden or if your neighbours are in close proximity to you, then a wall of glass might not be your cup of tea. You can still flood your house with light utilising other methods– why not think about a roofing system lantern rather?

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How To Love Your Body

In this day and age where we are haunted by the photo shopped images of models and celebrities, loving your body can be difficult.The shots in magazines and billboard that seem to bombard us are false representations of what those models actually look like in real life, but somehow it still feels that we are feel expected to live up to those impossible standards.

What we, as a society need to embrace is that there is no such thing as a perfect body, and trying to achieve one is setting ourselves up for failure. This is because perfection doesn’t exist, it varies from person to person, each human being has their own unique shape that should be embraced and not criticised or degraded. Your body carries you through life, and that is something to love.

Here are ways to practice loving your body:

• Do not compare yourself to others… ever. It’s hard to do, especially when it is done around us all the time, our standards for beauty are influenced by media, and popular culture. Through these channels, we develop negative feelings about our bodies by comparing ourselves to photoshopped pictures and glamorised movie stars who have millions of dollars to spend on plastic surgery and personal trainers (not that there is anything wrong with surgery, its just not something that is part of everyone’s reality). These images in magazines are created and altered by computers and are not realistic goals to achieve (even the models we see are made to look thinner and more flawless than they are in real life).
When you see an image in a magazine, commercial, or some other form of media, remind yourself that the image is fabricated. The person you are looking at has most likely been air brushed and altered…it’s not real, so you shouldn’t compare yourself to falsified computerised images.
• Give yourself compliments. It’s all about being kind to yourself, and to be kind to yourself you need to express love to yourself. You should treat yourself with the same kindness and respect you would with someone you love. Don’t be afraid to give yourself a compliment, be easy on your mistakes, and forgive yourself. Abandon the self-hatred, replace it with empathy and approval.
• Create a list of all the goo0d things in your life. Everyone has their own insecurities, but the key is focusing on what you like about yourself and what you love about your life. It can be easy to allow the negatives outweigh the positives, but creating a list can help you to prevent this.
Begin by discovering one thing that you love about yourself, no matter how small. When you are feeling more positive in that thing, recognise a second thing and so on. Create a list of things you like about yourself, and when you hear a negative thought, refocus on the list.
• Practice healthy hygiene. If you feel good about yourself, respect your body, and begin every day with a stimulating shower. Wash your face, and put deodorant.
• Wear comfortable attire that helps you to feel good. Your clothes should complement your current body shape. When you look good you feel good!

Best Exercise To Do At Home

Who says that a home body can’t get fit? Who says that you need fancy and expensive equipment to get a solid workout? Whether you’re traveling, working, can’t make it to the gym, or just prefer to exercise at home, there are a number of exercises you can do whenever and wherever you want. A combination of cardio, strengthening, and toning exercises are essential when it comes to building a healthy body. Mixing it up will also help you to break a sweat and get those endorphins going.

  1. Warrior III- The warrior pose is a pretty famous yoga move and it kicks cellulite’s butt while also testing your balance, toning your legs, and strengthening your core.

Stand with the feet together and your knees slightly bent, and lift up the left leg with your toe pointed, keep your body weight on the standing, right leg. Continue to lift your leg while you drop your head and torso so that they form a straight horizontal line from head to toe . Keep your arms at your sides. Engage your core while making extra sure that your left thigh, hip, and toes remain aligned. Stay facing down and keep your back as straight as possible. Do not lock your right knee and make sure you centre the weight on the middle of the foot. Hold for 5 deep breaths and then slowly return to standing.

  1. Bridge opposite arm-leg reach- This one will activate all of your abdominal and core muscles. Lie on your back, face up with your left knee bent, your left foot flat on the floor, and your right leg extended up toward the ceiling. Then reach towards the ceiling with your the left arm while you keep your right arm down by your side. Next, without moving your hips or shoulders, open your raised leg to the right and raised arm to the left. Now, return your raised leg and arm to the centre.
  2. Stairs – this may be obvious, nevertheless, this is a great way to address cardio.

After stitching, stand at the bottom of the staircase. With your hand on the railing quickly step up two steps and back down two steps. Continue this at a controlled and constant pace ten times.

  1. Caricoa Corner Drill Stand- with your feet hip width apart, your knees slightly bent, and your arms by sides. Push off your right foot and quickly cross right leg in front of left, turning your right hip forward and kick your left heel up behind body. Quickly step left foot down and then right, returning to your start position. Replicate on the opposite side, letting arms to swing naturally during the movement. That is one rep. Perform10 reps as quick as possible.

Exercise Tips For Over 50’s

Staying active at every age can keep you feeling and looking your best. However, the ways that you stay active needs to be appropriate for every stage of your life. An active lifestyle is particularly important for the health of adults over 50 because regular exercise can help prevent heart disease, diabetes, and even some forms of cancer, furthermore an active lifestyle can help to reduce pain associated with arthritis. An active lifestyle aimed at improving balance, flexibility, endurance, and strength, can help older adults to stay healthier longer. It is important that you always check with your doctor before beginning a new exercise program.

Here is what you can (and should) do:

  1. Aerobic activity. These types of exercises serves to help older adults burn calories, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, maintain joint movement, benefit heart health, and increase overall energy levels. It may take some time for you to build endurance. If you are not used to exercising, just begin with 5-minute cardio sessions a couple days a week to raise your heart rate. From there, work up your time, eventually completing 30 minutes of aerobic activity at least five days a week. This means that you need to do moderate endurance exercise, this moderate exercise includes brisk walks, tennis, and swimming. Some more intense aerobic activities that you can do are include hiking and running
  2. Build up your muscle strength. This process takes time, however the benefits are significant for your health as a senior. Strength training requires proper physical form to gain full benefits of these exercises. Begin with some straightforward, low-impact exercises: For lower body strength try squatting in front of a sturdy chair, just keep your arms in front of you and do not extend your knees past your toes as you bend into an almost-sitting position. Hold the position for a few seconds, then slowly raise yourself back to a standing position at a controlled pace.Take a pause, then repeat for two sets of 10 reps. If the exercise is too challenging try holding onto the sides of the chair or place a few pillows on the chair.

Use light weights or elastic bands as resistance training. This helps you to develop muscle mass and upper body strength. Sit or stand if sitting isn’t possible with your feet flat on the floor and hold light weights at shoulder height with your palms facing forward. Next lift the weights above your head, each motion should be slow and controlled.

Other awesome exercises for upper body strength includes side arm raises in which you hold weights at your sides, palms inward, and then raise your arms out to the sides; front arm raises in which you hold the weights at your sides, palms down, and raise your arms to shoulder height. Aim for two sets of 10 reps for each of these exercises.

  1. Do leg raises to help strengthen your thighs, hip, buttocks, and lower back muscles.Leg raises also benefits balance. For side leg raises, begin by standing behind a chair and holding on to the chair for better balance. Lift one leg out to the side, while keeping your leg completely aligned from heel to hip. Make sure that you maintain a straight back and a slight bend of the knee in the supporting leg, then begin to slowly lower the leg. For back leg raises, begin by using the chair for balance and slowly lift one leg behind you (do not lean forward), hold the position for a moment, and lower your leg. Do not bend the lifted leg and do not point the toes,
  2. Try low-impact exercises. These allow for less strain on your body while providing a means of staying physically active and it. Low-impact exercises also help older adults to ease into a new workout program. Exercising in the water, whether swimming, water running, or doing water aerobics is an excellent option. Also trying gentle forms of yoga, Pilates, tai chi, chi gong, stretching, and light weight training are good options for low impact exercises.

Healthy Tips For Teenagers

Teenagers have to face a lot of challenges; social pressures, changing hormones, body images, and more. Fortunately there are so many things teenagers can do to be holistically healthy.

Don’t get down and ignore the haters.

With changing hormones and so many things going on in your social life and body, it can be easy to get down or to be start feeling depressed. This is fairly normal for puberty; during puberty hormones change for both boys and girls. Basically your body is in the ultimate transition of becoming an adult, there is a lot going on in there.

If you begin feeling down or hopeless don’t hesitate to talk to someone about it, such as a parent, a counsellor, or your doctor. If you are being bullied make sure that you tell a teacher and/ or a parent. It is important to address these issues right away.

Avoid fad and fast diets.

There is so much pressure around body image in this day and age. Unfortunately there is a ton of fad diets that accompany these unachievable body types. There is no such thing as a miracle diet, and any crash diets that make you lose a ton of weight in one week is only getting rid of water weight which is only temporary and unhealthy. While your body is still developing (and if there is a “teen” attached to your age you really are) you need all nutrients as you need energy to grow and carry a busy schedule. Those magic pill or magic fruit diets are all giant no, no’s!

Get plenty of sleep.

Yes, yes, teenagers love to stay up for movie nights, slumber and lan parties, and all those other fun teenage occasion. Late night TV watching, social media and texting, late late studying tends to keep people up far later than they should. Sleep is critical for your body to regenerate and convert some hormones. Lack of sleep is connected with stress, anxiety, and even weight gain.

Exercise is so important!

Cardio and muscle building exercises are super important for so many reasons. Exercise helps your immune system stay strong, is good for your heart and lungs, and keeps your body in great shape. Also, as the saying goes, “healthy body- healthy mind.”  So basically, when you exercise your body releases endorphins that helps you to feel happy and manage stress… so lets just say that exercise is good for your all round health. And there are so many options for you to stay healthy, you can join a team sport, or swimming. You can go for jogs or take a class. The options are endless.

What you do for your health as a teenager bridges the way to your health and body as an adult. It is during this time that you can create new health routines, embrace a positive mentality, and try new things when it comes to physical activity. Once you come out of high school it will be far more difficult to do these things, so embrace this time in your life while you embrace your health.

Expecting the Unexpected

Expectations – whether they serve us or not, we all have them. Sometimes they let us down. Other times they are surpassed. The letdowns can be heartbreaking, devastating, even sprit breaking. Releasing expectations maybe easier said than done, yet it is the key to finding balance in what often feels like a crazy world.

Having great expectations sets us up for disappointment. We start make a long-term plans based on a future that may not come to pass. When things don’t work out the way that we want them to, we consider our hopes dashed, dreams crushed and our future doomed. The good news is that this doesn’t have to be the case! Instead of being let down by things that haven’t happened the way we wanted, we can be pleasantly surprised by the things we didn’t expect.

The key to embracing the unexpected is to keep an open mind at all times in all ways. Instead of believing that things can only happen a certain way, be open to the possibilities that exist beyond your wildest dreams! You may be wondering how to do this, or even if it’s possible, and it is. The important thing to remember is that we don’t know what we don’t know. We can’t possibly know all the options that will get us closer to achieving our goals, so instead of focusing on how we’re going to get things done, focus on what it is you want to achieve.

It’s about focusing on what you want and not how it’s actually going to happen. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have work to do, but the work may not look like you think it will. We all know how important it is to have a plan, but flexibility is a necessary element. If you have a plan, it shouldn’t be carved in stone, but constantly reviewed and adjusted as you gain more information and make new connections and contacts. Seek people who have achieved the type of success you are working towards. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Learn from their experiences and knowledge and be prepared for whatever comes your way!

When we are able to expect the unexpected, good or bad, it helps us to avoid heartbreak, disappointment and devastation. Instead of fearing these letdowns, we can approach our goals with an open mind with the knowledge that even when things don’t happen the way they want them to; they always unfold as they should. Hitting roadblocks and obstacles don’t mean that what you’re working towards isn’t possible; it may just mean you haven’t found the right route to get you there.

Expecting the unexpected keeps things interesting. We can’t control every aspect of our lives, so we might as well accept that truth and embrace the experiences we encounter on our path to achieving whatever it is we’re working towards. We only get once chance at this life; we might as well enjoy the ride!

Positive Support Groups

We all need strong support systems. For some of us, this is family, for others is a group of friends. While many of us have support systems, not all are created equal. Support groups can inspire us and encourage our growth, and yet often they do the opposite. Instead of pushing us to do bigger and better in our lives, sometimes they ask us to play small and live ordinary lives.

Of course the groups that don’t inspire and motivate us aren’t doing these things on purpose. They are not conscious of what they’re doing because they’re doing it to themselves as well. They’ve let their fears and insecurities stop them from pursuing their dreams and living the life they want. Unfortunately, this group won’t be able to really push you in the way you need in order to really take your life to the next level.

Positive support systems include people who are working towards or achieving the things you would like to do. They are going to understand the challenges you are going through and are living proof that even the worst is survivable. Strong, positive support systems won’t let you make excuses for why you can’t do the things you’ve committed to. Excuses are not permitted. For every reason you give for why you say you can’t, your support system will show you a way you can.

If your inner circle doesn’t give you the type of boost you need in difficult times, you may have to find your own positive support system. Whether it be joining a mastermind or finding a group on that meets your needs, if you want to take your life to the next level, you have to find a group of people who can help you to do just that. The love of friends and family is irreplaceable. Sometimes we need more than that in order to make our dreams a reality.

We can’t achieve meaningful goals without help and support. There isn’t enough time to reinvent the wheel. We need to be able to tap into the knowledge and expertise of others who have done the things we want to do and can empathise with the struggles and challenges we encounter along the way. They aren’t just telling you what you want to hear because they love you and don’t want to hurt your feelings. They want to support you because they believe in you and your vision and want to help you succeed in whatever it is your working towards.

Support systems are awesome. They don’t have to be all work and no play. It’s about being with a group of people who love and support one another through good and bad. They understand that greatness is contagious and the more they help others succeed, the larger the ripple effect. When you experience great support systems, you can provide effective support to others. If you really want to achieve the life you deserve, finding the right support system for you is a great start!